the fitz+hen thread of steel will always be to make the world a little bit shinier and saucier one charm, bracelet and earring at a time.

for our new collection, we called on artists from @marinelane to help design charms all about individuality and expressiveness. says contributing artist @enemy_hands “these charms are all about channeling your inner wild child.”

my 82-year-old aunt lo was the inspiration behind our brand. she likes to eat, enjoys a potent potable, and makes everybody feel better for having spent any time whatsoever in her presence. there is a little bit of aunt lo’s magic baked into each piece.

our charms are meant to be worn alone, mixed and matched, added to and passed on. buy them for yourself or for your aunt lo. buy them because it’s thursday or raining. or because you are sad, elated or hungry. it is our most humble hope that whenever you wear something from our line — that there is just a dash more happiness, love and connectedness in the universe.