fail with gusto.

if you are not having as much fun as is humanly possible every day — you are sort of missing the point.

don’t break laws. laugh. laugh more. laugh loudly. embrace the big butt. get a dog. rock the stumble and the bumble. love what’s on the inside. run a marathon if you can. cheer madly if you can’t. bourbon. love your men folk — but cherish the sisterhood.

as a wizened old chick — i have lived a life full of fun mistakes, wrong turns and with a bigger than average bum. i have also loved every bob, weave and unexpected swerve.

none of it hurt (too much), and most of it made my life more interesting, and happier. i am a lifelong proponent of taking chances and pushing past whatever is your personal fear threshold. don’t be scared. don’t be stupid — but be okay about getting into a little good trouble. trust me on this one.

collection no. 1

my aunt lo is the inspiration behind our debut line. at the ripe young age of 82, she is one of the coolest cats you could ever meet.

she is open to everything. she likes to eat a lot and enjoys a potent potable when offered. most remarkably, she makes everybody feel better for having spent any time whatsoever in her presence. aunt lo’s eternal love affair with all things new york was the impetus behind our first line. there is a little bit of aunt lo’s magic baked into each piece.

our charms are meant to be worn alone, mixed and matched, added to and passed on. buy them for yourself or for someone you love. buy them because it’s thursday or raining. or because you are sad, elated or hungry. it is our most humble hope though, that whenever you or anyone else does wear something from our line — that there is just a dash more happiness, love and connectedness in the universe

dear don-not juan*

it appears from your telling of the story —
your ex-wife is right about everything.

*notes to bad boyfriends that we hate