sure our charms are original. the chains, cords elegantly sublime. people will covet. but they are packaged up so damn cutely (can you say fun dip or pop rocks?) that you don’t have to do any wrapping. we care about quirky, cool jewelry that makes people happy. but we are old school tree diggers too.

fitz+hen accoutrement is a perfect daughter, sister, best friend, tuba teacher, physics tutor, favorite aunt, beer-swilling neighbor, the nice daughter-in-law, bridge group present. It is also a great present to buy for yourself. It is good to love ourselves a lot. and all the time.

and because we love all of you for stopping by here to peruse and perhaps shop—we are giving everyone a 10% off code “STAYCOOL” for added economic peace of mind during the holiday season afoot.

my 82-year-old aunt lo was the inspiration behind our brand. she likes to eat, enjoys a potent potable, and makes everybody feel better for having spent any time whatsoever in her presence. there is a little bit of aunt lo’s magic baked into each piece.

our charms are meant to be worn alone, mixed and matched, added to and passed on. buy them for yourself or for your aunt lo. buy them because it’s thursday or raining. or because you are sad, elated or hungry. it is our most humble hope that whenever you wear something from our line — that there is just a dash more happiness, love and connectedness in the universe.